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The 5% Project Policy Statements

Street Protest
Crowd Protesting
Protest Mega Phone

1. We want - We the people to be the rightful masters of Congress, the Administration, and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the individuals who pervert the Constitution.

2. We want - An Amendment to the Constitution limiting the terms for Senators and Representatives.

3. We want - All committee meetings in the Senate and House of Representatives to be open and telecast unless involving national security with transcripts and recordings of meetings available for public access through the Library of Congress.

Street Protest
Crowd Protesting
Public Demonstration

4. We want - To make it illegal for caucuses and legislators to influence a candidate’s election through financial support, gifts and/or other donations.

5. We want - The body of and any amendments or additions to legislation to be directly related to the initial topic of the document.

6. We want - No legislation in the form of a bill or Amendment to be enacted without enough time for each voting member of Congress to thoroughly read and question any part thereof.

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