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Calmly say, "I am The 5%." When people look at your face they will see that you are a 5 - Percenter and when your conversation and actions model cooperation, dialogue, respect, and problem-solving, The 5%'s message will become even more attactive.


Don't forget to invite them to also say, "Count Me, I am the 5%."


Cap is Dark Green with breathable fabric for comfort.

I Am The 5% - cap: Dark Green

  • Richardson 495 Pro Mesh R-Flex Baseball Caps

    This cap is constructed of our lightweight and breathable, Pro Mesh fabric to help keep you cool and comfortable on the field, and and R-FLEX sizing delivers fit-versatility for players at all levels of the game.

    Shape: MidPro
    Fabric: PRO MESH Polyester
    Visor: Precurved
    Sweatband: Comfort Stretch
    Fit: R-FLEX

    SOLID DARK GREEN: Undervisor is grey

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