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The Preamble of the Constitution Video Series

by William L. Silvanaeus

Going phrase by phrase we explore the meaning of the words, what each phrase commissions the government to do, not do, and the struggle sometimes to hold them accountable to the Preamble's parameters.

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We the People of The United States

The Power of Government Comes from the People.

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In Order to Establish a More Perfect Union

The Constitution does not seek to create a perfect union or history. It is left to us in each generation and situation to further perfect our union.

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Establish Justice

Justice does not happen by default or decree. It must be established, renewed, increased, and enacted continually as it reaches to embrace all the people and to correct past and present injustices.

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Insure Domestic Tranquility

The Preamble tasks the government with ensuring the country's internal tranquility.

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Provide for the Common Defense

The Constitution provides for the defense of the country and interests both by armament and peaceful diplomacy.

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Promote the General Welfare

As we perfect this Union, the constitution provides for promoting every person's welfare.

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And Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity

Our liberties, hard fought for, produce blessings for all of us, the generations following us, and such new citizens who settle on our shores. The government is tasked with securing them for all of we the people and thus is prohibited from degrading our liberties.

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Do Ordain and Establish This Constitution for the United States of America

As it began, so the Preamble ends with the firm statement our government arises from we the people and is established anew each new day by us. The government holds no inherent power based merely on its existence.

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